Month: February 2016

Sharrah & Jarrod

Sharrah and Jarrod are two of the sweetest people!!! These two love birds are tying the knot on June 18th this year and we cannot wait to photograph their special day!

A note from the bride:
We met when I came to my first service at the Apostolic Church here in Salem.. We didn’t really talk to each other except hey here and there.. We started talking around February of 2013 and by March 11 we were dating! So many laughs and memories that I could write a book!

Now to the proposal.. He asked January 1st 2016! After two years going on three years of dating he finally popped the question! His sister was moving away to work at Tupelo children’s mansion in Mississippi and it was her last weekend here so they all wanted to do something. We decided to go ice skating. Little did I know that after my third lap around I would skate up to Jarrod asking the magic 4 word sentence, “Will you marry me?” He even planned for my parents and grandparents to be there! I didn’t even see them until after I said yes! It was an awesome surprise!

My favorite part about planning the wedding so far was going and getting my dress. It was so special to have my mom, grandma, his mom, my aunt and cousin there. I also like going through all of this with my mom and sharing the experience with her. We look forward to the many years ahead of us. He will forever be my always!

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