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Miller & Tolliver

Salem Illinois Wedding Photographer Amanda Miller and Patrick Tolliver tied the knot on June 4th, 2016 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church with a gorgeous reception following at A Fair Barn in Salem, IL. Every last detail of their day was completely planned and perfect! The classic black bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s black tuxes paired with the soft greens in the bouquets made for a stunning combo!

A Fair Barn Wedding Dress Mother and Daughter Bride Before the wedding ceremony – Amanda and her mom shared a moment together in the bride’s room at A Fair Barn (this new addition to the venue is so awesome!). As a mother, seeing your baby girl grown up and getting married is such an emotional time. I loved being able to quietly capture these moments. a fair barn wedding bride 2016-07-14_0006 a fair barn wedding bride details 2016-07-14_0007

Wedding Paper Divas Invitations 2016

2016-07-14_0011 Patrick was in complete awe of his bride walking down the aisle in St. Theresa’s Church. I love watching the groom’s face as the bride is coming down the aisle! 2016-07-14_0015 2016-07-14_0013 St. Theresa's Church Salem Illinois Badollet House Salem ILWe stopped by Jody Smalley’s Badollet House in Salem for some sweet bridal portraits and a few fun bridal party pictures! The Badollet House is always such a gorgeous spot for photos – huge thanks to Jody for allowing us to come out!2016-07-14_0008 a fair barn wedding loftThe loft area at A Fair Barn is absolutely stunning! We snuck upstairs for a few photos before the reception began – it was so worth it!
A Fair Barn Wedding Mae Sugar Shack Salem IL Their wedding cake and cookies were to DIE for!!! SO gorgeous and SO tasty! Mae’s Sugar Shack did an amazing job! 2016-07-14_0029 2016-07-14_0033 Florist Badollet House Jody Smalley

custom made bag wedding game candy bar wedding 2016-07-14_0026 Daddy Daughter Dance Southern IL

Amanda’s dad and her choreographed a super sweet surprise dance for the reception – it was EPIC! It started out with a slow song and quickly turned into an upbeat dance! Patrick had no idea (I think the DJ and bride’s parents were the only ones clued in about this neat surprise!!)



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Ingersoll & Garrison

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Garrison who tied the knot May 28th, 2016!2016-07-02_0045

When Garren and I were contacted by Kassandra for the first time to discuss their wedding details she said to me that she felt connected by our personalities through our website. And while at the time I didn’t know much about her or Joseph – we learned over the course of their wedding festivities that there was good reason for that! These two were like family to us! So welcoming, warm, and sweet! It’s not everyday you get the pleasure of being so comfortable & at peace working with your couples. Between the silly jokes, giant donuts, and hugs – I also feel very connected to these sweet families!

Their wedding day was one of the most heartfelt and emotional weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing! Every moment was sincere and loving – we were so thankful to have genuine emotion filling the frames of our cameras. Our main goal is not to stage and pose the perfect photos for a bride and groom, but to capture the true emotions and the unplanned laugher, tears, and moments. We LOVE being able to witness such joyful days!

2016-07-02_0050 2016-07-02_0046 2016-07-02_0043 2016-07-02_00472016-07-02_00532016-07-02_00022016-07-02_00032016-07-02_00042016-07-02_00062016-07-02_00072016-07-02_00152016-07-02_00122016-07-02_00112016-07-02_00102016-07-02_00092016-07-02_00192016-07-02_00212016-07-02_00222016-07-02_00602016-07-02_00592016-07-02_00262016-07-02_00272016-07-02_00292016-07-02_0031I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t get attached in a way. A lot of times Garren and I find ourselves becoming overwhelmed with joy during a ceremony or.. like during this wedding – the daddy daughter dance. I’m a sucker for sweet songs especially ones about being a parent. (I blame it on my daughter Anna – she has ruined me for all time of being able to hold back tears!!) When Kassandra and her dad Ken Ingersoll started dancing – I lost it! And of course I look over at Garren hiding behind his camera trying not to cry, too! A daddy-daughter relationship is so precious.2016-07-02_00332016-07-02_00322016-07-02_0038

We want to thank the Ingersoll and Garrison families for being so kind and hospitable. It was an absolute pleasure working with everyone involved and we can’t thank you all enough!! These sweet families even insisted we take doggie bags of the delicious catering home! 2016-07-02_0044  Of course we had to have some fun with the bridal party!! Hah! Who doesn’t love being chased by a DINO!?



Haley & Joe

These two will be my record setters for the couple planning a gorgeous wedding the fastest! Joe proposed and within a month they will be hitched! I’m SO excited for their adorable backyard wedding on Haley’s parents dock next Friday! It will be simple, beautiful, and so much fun! Garren and I love outdoor weddings – especially when they are somewhere personal! Their engagement session was at their ceremony location – which I am head over heels in love with! So many amazing photo spots!
2016-05-25_00032016-05-25_00012016-05-25_0002 2016-05-25_00042016-05-25_0005 2016-05-25_0006 2016-05-25_0007 Their sweet daughter Makenna is 6 months old and SUCH a ham! So glad she sneaked in for a few photos, too! 2016-05-25_0008


Kelly & Nathan

Kelly Dagg has been a friend of mine for a long time and I’ve been anxiously awaiting when this day would come! Her and Nathan Smith are the cutest couple with plenty of spunk and have a sweet little girl named Danner (who shares a birthday month with my little girl Anna)! Nathan popped the question last year and caught it on video – so when they got engaged I was lucky enough to get to watch the joy overflow via the video footage on Facebook!

When Kelly asked me to photograph their special day and engagement session – I was ecstatic! Getting to photograph a wedding itself is such an honor, but getting to photograph a friend’s wedding day? Even more exciting! Not to mention Kelly is GORGEOUS!!!!! Making her sweet smile shine on camera was easy peasy! I cannot wait until their big day in November! It will be such a fun & magical day!

Thank you two for trusting me with your memories and I hope you love and cherish your photos!!!


The duck calls and bullets made such a cool backdrop for the RING shot!!! Love it!


Danner is ALWAYS such a ham! I can’t get enough of that adorable grin! She’s a hoot!

2016-04-25_00092016-04-25_0004 2016-04-25_0008 2016-04-25_0011 2016-04-25_0002 2016-04-25_0001 2016-04-25_0005 2016-04-25_0006


Lea & Clint

I met with Lea Schuch at our studio in Salem, IL a few months back to talk about their October wedding and I’ve been looking forward to the engagement session ever since! Yesterday we finally caught some clear weather & met up at Rend Lake Golf Course for some stunning shots!!! When Garren and I shoot an engagement session it’s SO nice to get to know our clients better. Clint and Lea are such a fun couple and we had a blast working with the two of them!
2016-04-10_0007 2016-04-10_0006
2016-04-10_0002 Oh my stars… I love Lea’s ring! A solitaire marquise was the very first ring I tried one when I was ring shopping years ago!! 🙂2016-04-10_0004 2016-04-10_0003
And a huge thanks to Rend Lake Golf Course for letting us borrow a golf cart!! I wish I had of got a photo of us all riding on the golf cart… haha, it was pretty epic! Lea & Clint’s reception will be in the gorgeous venue nearby – the Rend Lake Resort! I can’t wait to photograph their big day when they become Mr. & Mrs. Clint Kearbey!!!


Sharrah & Jarrod

Sharrah and Jarrod are two of the sweetest people!!! These two love birds are tying the knot on June 18th this year and we cannot wait to photograph their special day!

A note from the bride:
We met when I came to my first service at the Apostolic Church here in Salem.. We didn’t really talk to each other except hey here and there.. We started talking around February of 2013 and by March 11 we were dating! So many laughs and memories that I could write a book!

Now to the proposal.. He asked January 1st 2016! After two years going on three years of dating he finally popped the question! His sister was moving away to work at Tupelo children’s mansion in Mississippi and it was her last weekend here so they all wanted to do something. We decided to go ice skating. Little did I know that after my third lap around I would skate up to Jarrod asking the magic 4 word sentence, “Will you marry me?” He even planned for my parents and grandparents to be there! I didn’t even see them until after I said yes! It was an awesome surprise!

My favorite part about planning the wedding so far was going and getting my dress. It was so special to have my mom, grandma, his mom, my aunt and cousin there. I also like going through all of this with my mom and sharing the experience with her. We look forward to the many years ahead of us. He will forever be my always!

2016-02-24_00042016-02-24_0006 2016-02-24_0007 2016-02-24_0008 2016-02-24_0001 2016-02-24_0002 2016-02-24_0003




Amy & Jamie


This couple’s love story is most definitely one of my absolute favorites! Amy Helpingstine is from the small town of Salem, IL (Yay – my hometown!) and Jamie Probin is from England! As fate would have it they travel across the globe to find their selves teaching at the same college in Charleston, South Carolina. Both are math professors at Charleston Southern University. After working with each other, sharing mutual friends, and spending lots of time together – they said that their relationship inadvertently turned into more than just friends. It’s amazing to me that these two are from two totally different areas of the world and just fell into the same place at the right time.

Garren and I had the pleasure of traveling to the charming city of Charleston to photograph their engagement photos! What an incredible place! So much character and gorgeous locations for photos – but even more important.. it’s where our lovely clients met and fell in love!


Her RING… oh my stars it’s so gorgeous! We were lucky enough to find some flowering trees with the exact color scheme of their wedding, too! I love the soft petals matched with the sparkle of her ring.

2016-01-31_0053 2016-01-31_0041 2016-01-31_0044 2016-01-31_0046


The TREES in Charleston, SC are incredible – the Angel Oak trees are so stunning and the Spanish Moss… what a romantic and dreamy place for photos!

2016-01-31_0054 2016-01-31_0040 2016-01-31_0050 2016-01-31_0051 2016-01-31_0049 2016-01-31_0047 2016-01-31_0045 2016-01-31_0042