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Amy & Jamie


This couple’s love story is most definitely one of my absolute favorites! Amy Helpingstine is from the small town of Salem, IL (Yay – my hometown!) and Jamie Probin is from England! As fate would have it they travel across the globe to find their selves teaching at the same college in Charleston, South Carolina. Both are math professors at Charleston Southern University. After working with each other, sharing mutual friends, and spending lots of time together – they said that their relationship inadvertently turned into more than just friends. It’s amazing to me that these two are from two totally different areas of the world and just fell into the same place at the right time.

Garren and I had the pleasure of traveling to the charming city of Charleston to photograph their engagement photos! What an incredible place! So much character and gorgeous locations for photos – but even more important.. it’s where our lovely clients met and fell in love!


Her RING… oh my stars it’s so gorgeous! We were lucky enough to find some flowering trees with the exact color scheme of their wedding, too! I love the soft petals matched with the sparkle of her ring.

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The TREES in Charleston, SC are incredible – the Angel Oak trees are so stunning and the Spanish Moss… what a romantic and dreamy place for photos!

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Nick & Chelsea


Nick Wernsman and Chelsea Bradley are tying the knot next September and we had the honor of shooting their engagement session this Fall in prep for the big day! These two are so incredibly sweet and are SO photogenic! During their session we shot in Nick’s parents’ backyard (gorgeous!) at their home in Centralia, IL, visited Schwartz Orchard, and our final stop was Nick’s workplace, Riechmann Brothers for some fun tractor photos at sunset. Each location brought new colors, lighting, and ideas into play (which was probably why Chelsea and Nick had such a hard time narrowing down their favorites)! We always allow our clients to bring along a couple outfit options, too, and these two had such great taste in wardrobe! My favorite was Chelsea’s dress & boots… who doesn’t love boots and scarfs in the Fall?

2016-07-06_0023 2016-07-06_0022

The best part about shooting an engagement session is that we get to know our couples during this time. Chelsea and Nick both became so comfortable with the camera and we were able to capture genuine smiles and personality. These two are so much fun and I’m so thankful they chose us to photograph these special moments in their lives!

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